Lafayette is committed to achieving a 40% diversion rate from the landfill by 2030 and 60% by 2035. In the age of technology, more and more electronics are being used campus-wide and globally. To prevent e-waste from this technology from ending up in the landfill, the Environmental Health and Safety Department provides Big Green Boxes for recycling e-waste.

What kind of e-waste is accepted?

Small types of e-waste such as those listed below. Larger items may need to be recycled through other means.

Cameras Earbuds
Calculators Small keyboards
Charging cords TV remotes, game controllers
Cell phones, tablets, iPods, MP3 players Wireless chargers
Computer mouse Other small e-waste

Where do I put e-waste?

  • If they are small enough, place them in a Big Green Box found at any of the below locations:
    • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights atrium
    • RISC 203
    • Van Wickle atrium 
    • Farinon Student Center room 132
    • Kirby Sports Center room 218
  • For department-specific waste and larger items, contact Hannah Tatu (
  • If your items are still in good condition and working, you may be able to donate them to the thrift store on campus. Email with details of your items to see if they can be accepted.

How can a department obtain and return a bin?

Big Green Boxes can be obtained through Environmental Health and Safety. See the Battery Recycling Page for details.

Where can I go for more information?

Can I bring in electronics from home to recycle?

These programs are intended for campus e-waste. For personal e-waste, we encourage you to check your local municipalities website or take your e-waste to Best Buy (or other vendors), especially for bigger items such as televisions. You can find your closest drop-off location at

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