Lafayette is committed to achieving a 40% diversion rate from the landfill by 2030 and 60% by 2035. Batteries cannot be recycled in traditional recycling streams. As an alternative, students, faculty, and staff can safely recycle their batteries through the Big Green Box program.

What types of batteries are accepted?

  • All batteries found in consumer products (cell phones, laptops, power tools, etc.)
  • Lithium, lead acid, and all batteries over 9 volts must be insulated to prevent short circuits
    • This can be done by placing the batteries into individual Ziploc plastic bags (can be found at recycling stations)
    • Multiple batteries of these types can be placed into a single bag only if the exposed terminals are covered with tape

What types of batteries are not accepted?

  • Batteries containing free-flowing electrolyte (automotive/motorcycle batteries)
  • Low production run and prototype batteries
  • Any damaged or defective battery
  • Batteries that are beyond these limits:
    • Lithium metal (non-rechargeable) = 25 grams of lithium content per batter
    • Lithium ion (rechargeable) = rated capacity of 300 watt-hours per battery
    • Lead acid (non-spillable) = gross weight of 11 pounds per battery
  • If you need to dispose of a battery in any of these categories, contact to recycle through an alternate process

Where do I put batteries?

  • Place them in a Big Green Box found at any of the below locations:
    • Kirby Hall of Civil Rights atrium
    • RISC 203
    • Van Wickle atrium
    • Farinon Student Center room 132
    • Kirby Sports Center room 218

How can a department obtain and return a bin?

  • Getting a bin
  • Returning a bin
    • Make sure the bin does not violate the below restrictions
      • Lithium, lead acid, and batteries over 9 volts must be insulated by being placed in a plastic bag
        • If multiple batteries are in a plastic bag, their terminals must be taped
      • The box cannot exceed a weight of 43 lbs
    • Seal the box (instructions can be found on the box)
    • Drop the box off at the FedEx pickup location on Hamilton Street or take it to the campus post office

Can I bring in batteries from home to recycle?

Our battery recycling program is intended for batteries from campus.

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