WHAT: Any of the following items can be donated:

  • Comforters, blankets, bedding and towels
  • Household cleaning items
  • Lamps, fans, small appliances and furniture
  • Coats and clothing
  • Unopened, non-perishable food items
  • Vases, glassware and cookware
  • Books and school supplies


WHEN: Students have a variety of ways to donate to Green Move Out. Residence hall and off campus donation bins are available from May 8th – 26th.

WHERE: Each residence hall has a set of Green Move Out bins: one for food and toiletries, and another for clothing, bedding, kitchenware and home goods. Off-campus houses will be given one cardboard box for donations.

HOW: Students simply drop their items in a box labeled “Green Move Out” in their residence hall or off-campus house.

WHY: Before Green Move Out, Lafayette students tossed all their unwanted food, clothing, furniture, books and other items into the trash, which was then sent to landfills. Donating to Green Move Out is much more sustainable – it’s the right thing to do!