A detailed list of items can be found here

WHAT: Any of the following items can be donated:

  • Comforters, blankets, bedding and towels
  • Household cleaning items
  • Lamps, fans, small appliances and furniture
  • Coats and clothing
  • Unopened, non-perishable food items
  • Vases, glassware and cookware
  • Books and school supplies
  • Used commencement regalia
  • Reusable eco-clamshells

Left side, image of items that cannot be donated: dirty sock, broken pencil, old pillow, broken fan, old shoes. Right side, image of items that can be donated: clean clothes folded in a pile, colored pencils, cap and gown, reusable clamshell, clean folded towels, clean dishes, new shoes, clothes iron.Left side, images of items that cannot be donated: open pasta box, expired can of food, used toothpaste bottle, fresh fruit, bandaid, opened peanut butter container. Right side, items that can be donated: unopened box of pasta, unopened laundry detergent, unopened oat box, new shampoo, reusable clamshell container, unopened bandaid box, unopened jar of preserves

WHEN: Students have a variety of ways to donate to Green Move Out. In April, you can begin to donate any of your goods in the green bins in residence halls and across campus.

WHERE: Each residence hall has Green Move Out bins. In addition, RISC (outside rm. 203), Farinon and Marquis also have bins. If you live in an off-campus house, visit this form for more information on how to donate to Green Move Out. For larger items place materials in the Pod containers located at Lavender Lane, Watson Hall, Ruef, Bailey Health Center, McCartney North, and 421 Hamilton Street (behind the Printmaking Studio) starting on May 1st. Please bring all furniture to the Pod at 421 Hamilton Street.

HOW: Students simply drop their items in a box labeled “Green Move Out” in their residence hall or off-campus house.

WHY: Before Green Move Out, Lafayette students tossed all their unwanted food, clothing, furniture, books and other items into the trash, which was then sent to landfills. Donating to Green Move Out is much more sustainable – it’s the right thing to do!

COMMUNITY EFFORT: Green Move Out is a huge lift (pun intended!!). If you see items in places they shouldn’t be or they are creating a hazard, please help to move them to the appropriate collection locations so that we can keep our campus safe and beautiful. Have questions? Email sustainability@lafayette.edu.

STORING ITEMS LOCALLY: We encourage you to REDUCE and REUSE before DONATING. If you’re not able to bring items home that you would plan to use in future years, there are storage options nearby. Check out William Penn Storage, U-Haul, and Storage Sense.

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