Lafayette is committed to achieving a 40% diversion rate from the landfill by 2030 and 60% by 2035. Properly recycling is one way to sustainably manage our waste. All liquids must be dumped from bottles and all contents must be clean, dry, and free of food debris.

When in doubt, throw it out so we do not contaminate our recycling stream! Contamination rates of over 10% will not be accepted by the recycling facility.

What can be recycled?


Aluminum cans Juice and milk cartons
Cardboard without food residue (break down boxes first) Plastic film – includes  plastic grocery bags, produce bags, bread bags, food storage bags, and more
Food and drink containers made of plastics #1-7 (rinse out food and remove lid before recycling) Shredded paper
Glass jars and bottles in the colors clear, green, and brown (rinse out food and remove lid before recycling) White paper, colored paper, glossy paper, cardstock, newspapers and magazines, envelopes, non-metallic wrapping paper

Recycling is taken by our hauler to the Bethlehem Transfer and Sorting Facility.

Where do I put recyclables?

  • In any recycling bin located around campus (in dorms, academic buildings, or outside)
  • If cardboard does not fit in the recycling bin, it may be placed neatly between the wall and the bin
  • Indoor recycling bins will typically be blue or labeled with blue signage
  • Outdoor recycling bins will be labeled “recyclables”

What should the bin setup look like?

  • Recycling bins should always have a clear bag inside them
  • Trash and recycling bins should always be next to each other, not one alone. We call this co-location.
  • If you see the setup is not as described, please put in a work order here

Where can I go for more information?

How can students in off-campus housing recycle?

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