Green Move Out: A campus-wide sustainability and community service effort where students recycle their unused or gently used household items through our by donating them to local organizations and our community sale.

This past year, Lafayette students donated over 13,000 pounds of gently used clothing, books, and dorm goods at the end of the Spring semester. Over 50 students, faculty and staff volunteered to collect and sort donations.  Then, the donations were shared with 8 local non-profit organizations and through a sale to the community.

EcoRep Emma Leeds ’19 said,

Green move out is one of my favorite EcoRep initiatives because it connects Lafayette students and faculty with the Easton community in a way that is helpful for everyone involved. The best part is driving around the Quad on a golf cart carrying all of our recycled items, and finding some hidden treasures to save that would have been trashed! To me, this is the true meaning of being sustainable.

Find out where to donate your items here! 


Program Outcomes:

  • Advance environmental sustainability by decreasing the campus contribution to landfills
  • Advance community sustainability by distributing usable goods to local communities

Student Outcomes:

  • Increase campus engagement and civic responsibility
  • Students will demonstrate a commitment to reducing their own carbon footprint through donating their own used goods or volunteering