Lafayette is committed to achieving a 60% diversion rate of trash from the landfill to other means, such as composting and recycling, by 2035. Sporting events are one way we aim to decrease our waste. As a fan, practice the following tips to do your part at any game.

  • At Lafayette, we aim for a Zero Waste Stadium! As a fan, you can help us achieve that goal by reducing the disposable items you bring or buy, reusing cups, trays and utensils, and recycling cans and bottles in the blue bins.
  • We have single stream recycling which means all empty plastic bottles, aluminum, paper, and cardboard can go in the same blue bin.
  • When in doubt, throw it out! Recycling that is contaminated with food may not be accepted at the sorting facility. Dump all liquids before throwing away your cans and bottles. Help us keep the stadium and sports fields clean and reduce waste by using the correct bins.
  • Inside the football stadium, trash and recycling spots are located by concessions and each stand tunnel. Make sure to think before you throw and read the signage carefully. 
  • If you are tailgating, collect your trash and recycling and bring it to the bins in your area. Help out our staff and our environment by reducing litter waste.
  • Thank you for helping us reduce waste at our sporting events! Go Pards!!

For information from our Game Day Football Challenge events, read the following news article here

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