Want to help boost Sustainability at Lafayette and Get rewarded? The Sustainable Punch Card program allows you to do just that.

  1. Pick up a punchcard from RISC 203, Gilbert’s, Farinon, or a sustainability club.
  2. Take part in a meeting or event with one of our participating clubs/departments or do a sustainable action.
  3. Ask for a  hole punch at the completion of the event/action.
  4. Fill up your card(s) and come to the Office of Sustainability (RISC 203) to redeem your prize!

Contact sustainability@lafayette.edu or granvila@lafayette.edu with any questions!

Here are all the places you can punch your card:

  • Sustainability club meetings = 1 punch
    • List of participating clubs/departments coming soon! Would your club/organization like to organize a sustainability-themed event/meeting and give out punches? Fill out this form.
  • BYO mug to Skillman or Eco Cafes = 1 punch
  • Sustainability community meetings = 2 punches
  • Shopping at the thrift store = 2 punches
  • Shopping at LaFarm’s on-campus market = 2 punches
  • EcoRep meetings = 2 punches
  • Participating in  EVSC/EVST events (pumpkin carving, career panel, etc.) = 2 punches
  • Sustainability club activities (volunteering at LaFarm, teaching elementary schoolers, etc.) = 3 punches
  • EcoRep events = 3 punches (both for EcoReps and those attending)
  • Volunteering with the Office of Sustainability (i.e. compost volunteer) = 3 punches
Students in green vests volunteer at the Game Day Challenge on Fisher Field.


To redeem your prizes:

  • Once students receive the minimum amount of punches (5 punches/half a card), they can come to the Office of Sustainability to redeem their prize
  • Students can earn different prizes depending upon the amount of punches they get, with the highest prize going to a student that fills four full cards
  • Possible prizes:
    • Tier 1 (½ card): Sustainability pencils OR sustainability stickers
    • Tier 2 (1 card): Bamboo toothbrush OR sustainability tote bag
    • Tier 3 (2 cards): Reusable water bottles OR sustainability silverware sets
    • Tier 4 (3 cards): Stainless steel reusable straw OR beeswax wraps
    • Tier 5 (4 cards): solar-powered battery packs

Connect with us

Office of Sustainability

Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center Room 203
746 High Street
Easton PA, 18042