An initiative that works to reduce food waste and food insecurity on campus.

Every day departments, offices, and clubs hold events and meetings across campus with Lafayette catered food or other catered food. Often, when these events and meetings end, there is leftover food that gets thrown away. Our goal is to end this wasteful cycle.

The Leopards Leftovers program alerts current Lafayette students via GroupMe notification when there is free food available on campus leftover from an event. The intention is to connect students with leftovers from campus events that would otherwise be thrown away. This initiative works to reduce food waste and food insecurity on campus. Please email the Office of Sustainability with any questions or for more information. 

Join the GroupMe to post your leftovers or get notified when leftovers are available.

How to post leftovers:

Messages can be sent by any event organizer. Each notification must include a photo, a brief description, and the location of the food. If the duration of availability for the food is known, the poster can share that and other relevant information. 

Lafayette Catering staff are not responsible for posting leftover food, hanging around, or providing containers to those searching for leftover food. Catering staff will clear the remaining food based on the event end time. 

How to find leftovers:

  • Join the GroupMe: This is where you will be notified that leftovers are available on campus.
  • First Come, First Served: Food may not be there by the time you get to the location. And, please, make sure you are at the right place! We don’t want to take food from active events.
  • Bring Reusable Containers: Be sure to bring your own reusable clamshells or other containers, as disposable plates and utensils will not be provided upon your arrival.
  • Consume Wisely: Food can become unsafe to eat if it has been sitting out for too long. The timing depends on the ingredients in the food, time it has been out and the climate where the food has been. Please be particularly cautious of any food typically refrigerated or mayonnaise based. Please visit the CDC website for more information on the risks of food borne illnesses. 

Have non-perishables? Pard Pantry accepts non-perishable food item donations (canned, boxed or dry unopened foods). Visit their website to learn more.

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