Pard to Pard, the Lafayette College campus thrift store serves to redistribute goods from students to students to meet the needs of individuals on campus and divert items from the landfill.

As outlined in the Climate Action Plan, Lafayette is committed to achieving a 40% reduction of waste to landfill by 2030 and a 60% reduction by 2035, and the thrift store supports this goal through education and physical redistribution of items on campus.

Pard to Pard aims to provide goods to all students, regardless of their budget, whenever they need it, so that they can thrive and learn on campus without the barrier of purchasing new items needed to live, cook, and be prepared for courses on campus.

Visit the Campus Thrift Store

When and where can I shop at Pard to Pard?

Open hours are 4-6pm on Wednesday evenings in Pardee Room 25 (basement level next to the elevators).

How much do items cost?

This store operates by a pay-what-you-can model, meaning customers set the price that works for their budget. If you are not sure what to pay, at checkout our cashiers can provide you with a “suggested price” based on your selected items.

$0 is a perfectly reasonable amount to pay if that is what works for your budget.

Cash and credit are accepted.

What types of items are sold?

Inventory changes weekly, but common items include clothes, kitchen supplies, school supplies, electronics, accessories, and bedding/blankets.

Can I donate to the thrift store?

Yes! You can donate small items by placing them in the green bin outside of Pardee 25 or RISC 203. Please reach out to for help with larger items.

What happens with the money?

Funds are used to sponsor a youth sustainability summer camp for local children, in addition to covering basic costs of thrift store operations (student wages, supplies, etc.).

Why should I shop at Pard to Pard?

Lafayette College is committed to taking climate action and creating a campus that promotes sustainability in all aspects of education and living on campus.

Our five main themes are – Regenerative Ecosystems, Carbon Neutrality, Circular Economy and Zero Waste, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Food Loop.

As part of reaching the goals behind each of these themes, our on campus thrift store strives to provide students with their needs in a sustainable and easy to access manner.

Regenerative Ecosystems

By buying gently used items, we can decrease the plastic and package waste that ends up in ecosystems around the world. We encourage students to bring reusable bags to the store to overall decrease the amount of plastic that comes with shopping.

Carbon Neutrality

Every time companies produce new items at fossil-fueled factories, they release carbon into the atmosphere. The thrift store is a solution to eliminate the carbon emissions that come from producing plastics and other materials in a factory setting. By buying reused items instead of new, students can reduce their carbon footprint.

Circular Economy and Zero Waste

By donating items to the thrift store and buying used, students can create a circular economy on campus. This reduces the waste produced on campus and diverts items from ending up in landfills. Lafayette is committed to diverting 40% of waste from the landfill by 2030 and 60% by 2035.

Environmental Justice

By using a pay-what-you-can model, the thrift store ensures that all students on campus have access to living a sustainable lifestyle that matches their budget. Since the thrift store is located in Pardee Hall, everyone can access the thrift store on campus rather than driving to thrift stores located off of campus.

Sustainable Food Loop

The thrift store does not carry food, however, we encourage students to donate and shop from the Pard Pantry, which is located down the hall from the thrift store.

Can my organization partner with the thrift store?

Yes! The thrift store would love to partner with your organization. Fill out this form to indicate what type of partnership you’re looking for. In the past, we’ve had partnered pop-up sales, donation drives, and more.


When: Wednesdays 4-6pm

Where: Pardee Room 25 (basement next to the elevators)