Greening Lafayette is a module within Lafayette’s Connected Communities Program (CCP), and it aims to bring the community together to engage with environmental issues, through education and action. There is a strong focus on raising awareness on sustainability and its various components (such as food, water, energy and waste).

Greening Lafayette Logo1The Greening Lafayette module provides students, specifically underclassman, with events, discussions and other opportunities relating back to environmental issues.

As a way to extend the experience of the sustainability module beyond the first year, Greening Lafayette also encompasses a long-term ECO certificate that continues for students all four years of their time at Lafayette and encompasses the curriculum, ongoing events, and environmental group involvement. Students can begin completing their ECO certificate by registering through Greening Lafayette’s LAFSync page.

Greening Lafayette launched in April 2016 with three kickoff events surrounding Earth Day. “LaFill”, an interactive waste display, engaged students with a waste audit, ‘Recycling ‘Can’ Jam’, informational displays, and more. Greening Lafayette partnered with Intercultural Development to host “Saving Planet Earth”, a presentation by global conservation scientist and Emmy-award winning news contributor, Dr. M. Sanjayan. “LaFarm to Table” was the final installment of Earth Week, teaching students in Marquis dining hall about the importance of composting and seed planting to achieve a sustainable food loop. This will be the start of developing environmental stewards on campus and creating a change to the ethos of sustainability on Lafayette’s campus.

For the Class of 2022, Greening Lafayette and EcoRep members joined in during orientation to recycle over 5 dumpsters full of cardboard during move-in. In addition, Greening Lafayette provided Sustainability Kits complete with reusable water bottles, sporks, and a Green Guide for new students.

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