As our worlds change, divide, grow, and expand, there’s one thing that remains the same, our dependence on this shared Earth, whether we recognize it or not. In order to get back to our roots (pun intended) and offer a unifying effort, we’re celebrating Earth Week: a time to connect and honor our universal sustaining life force.

The week will consist of reflections, actions, and personal exploration to help establish sustainable habits that connect our love for Earth with personal choices. Each day includes a theme and opportunities to take action for Earth.

April 15th – Earth Week Kick-Off 

4:30pm – Tune into our Instagram Live Kick-Off

Follow our Earth Week 2020 Playlist

April 16th – Food Loop

Watch The Biggest Little Farm or The Game Changers or Growing People

April 17th – Energy

April 18th + 19th – Consumption 

Check out the EcoReps DIY Upcycle Pinterest Board

Watch the short film The Story of Stuff

April 20th – Biodiversity 

Tune into any animal live cams

Visit Nature Rx

April 21st – Waste + Recycling 

Watch Wasted! 

April 22nd – Earth Day! 

Read Through 50 Ways to Make Earth Day, Everyday

Complete the Earth Day coloring page

4:30pm – Tune into Yoga at LaFarm

April 23rd 

Farminar: Digging into Gardening


Recording of Students + Sustainable Living: At Home Edition