Faculty and students are committed to being an active partner with the campus community, the city of Easton, and local organizations on projects that nurture sustainable communities. 


Vegetables in the Community

Running through the summer and early fall, Vegetables in the Community (ViC) is a food distribution stand located at 10th and Pine streets in Easton’s West Ward. It started as a collaboration from a Technology Clinic class working with the now dissolved West Ward Neighborhood Partnership to address lack of access to fresh produce. Subsequently, the program has evolved into a cooperative community development project among Lafayette College, the city of Easton, local NGOs, and Crayola. Students and faculty work cooperatively with neighborhood residents to deliver the produce, advertise, share food knowledge, collect and distribute recipes, and cook samples. LaFarm is one of the gardens across Easton that sources the stand. The pandemic made food security an even greater concern. ViC continued to operate throughout summer 2020 to provide nutritious, affordable food to the Easton community by following health and safety guidelines. (Note: images below were taken prior to 2020.)


Pard Pantry 

Throughout 2020, LaFarm actively donated vegetables to Pard Pantry, which provides students with food and supplies when they remain on campus during school breaks. LaFarm donations provide healthy food to students living on campus and cooking for themselves. Donations to the pantry were in demand to help support students who were unable to return during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lisa Miskelly wears a mask and a sun hat while holding produce, against a bright blue background

Produce from LaFarm is donated to Pard Pantry.


City of Easton Climate Action Planning

Lafayette College is one of many community partners on the City of Easton Climate Action Planning advisory committee as it is forming its plan. The excitement and anticipation to be able to partner and collectively think about carbon neutrality and our mutual goals.overhead look at Easton's Center Square

Campus Sustainability Report: 2019-2021

The COVID Years

Learn how the Office of Sustainability demonstrated strength and resilience and continued to build a healthier, more sustainable campus community

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