What were the EcoReps up to this Fall?

Throughout the fall semester the EcoReps were hard at work encouraging the campus community to live more sustainably. Working in three committees, the EcoReps focused on environmental justice, recycling, and terracycling. The environmental justice committee worked to educate the community about the ways in which environmental concerns often interact with issues of social justice, inequality, and exploitation, by developing intersectional speaking events and posters that explored issues of environmental justice in today’s news. The recycling committee worked to combat contamination in campus recycling and compost streams, by creating engaging and easy-to-understand signs that explained how to properly dispose of waste. Meanwhile, the terracycling committee ran the campus-wide terracycle program, collecting hard-to-recycle items, like chip bags, K-cups, and shampoo bottles to be sent out and recycled through terracycle programs. In addition to these semester-long efforts, the EcoReps held a variety of events to encourage students to realize the power they have to help the environment! Here are some of the highlights:

Green Move In: Collecting styrofoam, cardboard, and plastic from students moving back to campus, the EcoReps sorted and recycled a record amount of waste. PODS and dumpsters set up around campus for move-in week were filled to the brim, before being hauled off and having their contents recycled.

THRIVE: Participating in Livewell Lafayette’s THRIVE, the EcoReps handed out reusable water bottles on quad highlighting how caring for the environment contributes to community wellbeing, while helping students reduce their everyday plastic waste.

Sustainability Month: Kicking off Sustainability Month at the beginning of October, the EcoReps helped students turn old tee shirts into reusable bags, not only re-purposing unwanted tee shirts, but also providing students with reusable bags to help them shop in a more sustainable manner.

Students and Sustainable Living Talk: Speaking to students about how to incorporate sustainable habits into their daily lives on campus, the EcoReps covered topics from the small changes that can make one’s daily routines more sustainable, to the benefits and best places around campus to buy locally grown food.

Pop-up Thrift Shop: Creating a pop-up thrift shop with donated clothes, the EcoReps welcomed students to find new and unique outfits. The thrift shop provided students with the opportunity to shop sustainably, without contributing to the waste, emissions, and exploitation so often involved in the fast-fashion industries.

Recycle-Mania: Joining with Lafayette’s women’s basketball team, the EcoReps held Recyclemania, competing with schools across the country to divert the most waste to recycling during a single game. Encouraging fans to recycle their products and to participate in the night’s games and raffles, Recyclemania gave the Eco Reps the opportunity not only to reach out to Lafayette’s campus community, but also to the wider Easton community. 

Midnight Breakfast: While students enjoyed Midnight Breakfast during finals week, the EcoReps helped students separate their waste and food waste into compost, recycling, and trash bins. In the process, students were able to learn more food waste and steps they can take to reduce their impact.

By: EcoRep Kara Brand ’20