Although Farmers Markets provide a fun atmosphere full of activities and a reason to be outside, they are also incredibly important for supporting local, sustainable agriculture!

Why should you shop local?

  1. REAL FLAVORS // Because you can purchase produce directly from the farmer, you get the freshest foods! No long-distance shipping, no gassing to simulate the rippening process, no sitting for weeks in storage, just fresh from the farm. 
  2. REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT// Food in the US travels an average 1,500 miles to get to your plate. These shipping practices use large amounts of fossil fuels, contribute to pollution, and produce large amounts of waste with extra packaging. Produce at Farmers Markets are transported much shorter distances and are generally grown using methods that reduce the impact on earth.
  3. CONNECT WITH YOUR COMMUNITY// Farmers Markets provide a unique experience for consumers to interact with producers on a personal level! Unlike large grocery stores with artificial lighting and busy crowds, Farmers Markets connect people back to their food and community which if better for you and the planet!

Around Easton for the summer? Easton is home to the oldest, continuous open-air market in the United States! The market recently celebrated its 267th birthday!!

// The Easton Farmers Market  runs every Saturday 9am-1pm in the Downtown circle.

// Our LaFarm Market runs every Wednesday 12pm-2pm in front of Gilberts.

Or find a farmers market near you!