“Stay hopeful and ambitious about the change that our small group of committed students can make on this campus. With the recently passed Climate Action Plan, it’s clear that Lafayette acknowledges the importance of sustainability, and it’s our job as EcoReps to put those values into action. And we can do it!” – Emma Leeds, Environmental Science (Spanish minor)

“Environmentalism is not an exclusive term; it encompasses so much more than human action to protect and conserve the physical, natural environment. Through my time as an EcoRep, I’ve learned that environmentalism should incorporate not just individual action, but the ties between social and environmental justice, consideration for socioeconomic status and environmental sensitivity, and so much more. As an environmental peer educator, it is essential to act with empathy, understand context, and remind people why it is so crucial to find their connection with the environment.” – Caroline Shaffer, Policy Studies

“Optimism is key. As an environmentalist, I definitely know a lot of daunting facts bout the future of our planet. But I don’t let that get to me and feel hopeless, I let it motivate me. I take pride in doing small things for the environment every day and talk to as many people as possible about sustainable behavior. Being an EcoRep for the past two years, I have personally seen the pro-environment mentality grow stronger and louder on Lafayette’s campus. It’s exciting to be a part of that change, but with graduation around the corner, I’m more excited to try building that same mentality in other communities I join throughout my life!” – Lara Henderson, Environmental Studies and Gov/Law