We’ve put together a list of 4 simple resolutions to help faculty, staff, and students promote sustainability at Lafayette in 2019!

  1. Walk or ride the bus instead of driving – Use the LCAT service or other bus alternatives to not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save money!
  2. Eat less meat/ more veggies – Animal products can require up to 100 times more water to produce than vegetables, fruits and grains. Maybe try incorporating Meatless Monday into your weekly routine? You can reduce your environmental impact even more by buying local veggies. The Easton Farmers Market and Easton Public Market are great places to get your vegetables while supporting the local economy and reducing your “Foodprint”.
  3. Get out! – Getting out into nature not only has a minimal environmental impact (as opposed to other activity alternatives like watching tv or shopping), it also has great benefits to your health like reducing your risk of Nature-Deficit Disorder. Lafayette is lucky to be situated between excellent outdoor activities like the Karl Stirner Arts Trail, the Palmer Township Recreation Trail, and the Delaware and Lehigh National Corridor Trail.  Take advantage of these outdoor opportunities and get outside!
  4. Carry your reusable water bottle or coffee cup – help reduce plastic waste by carrying your reusable cups with you! You can even use your reusable coffee cup for a discount at Cosmic Cup or opt for a “for here” mug at Gilbert’s.