On Tuesday December 4th, the Lafayette Food and Farm Co-operative hosted a screening of the documentary Sustainable.  This film exposes the long term instability of industrial farming and gives a glimpse into the lives and importance of local, sustainable farmers. American society has become very removed from knowing where their food comes from and are missing out on the joy and health benefits of local, organic produce. After the screening, LaFFCo had 5 local farmer panelist discuss their perspectives as farmers and how it relates and differs from the film. The panel consisted of Dan and Katy Hunter from Hunter Hill CSA, Anton Shannon from Good Work Farm, Mark Reid from Easton Urban Farm, and Lisa Miskelly our Farm Manager at LaFarm.

The panelist each shared their love of farming and conveyed the importance of local food to students. Lisa Miskelly summed it up best stating,

We are really blessed to be at a place that values having a farm as a part of a college campus. And you don’t have to work at LaFarm every week, you can just go once and put your hands in some dirt, smell it, taste it, plant something, harvest something, just have some sort of experience with that and see what that feels like. And bring your friends with you.