Although Turkey sales have been on the decline, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) expects consumers to throw away about 200 million pounds of turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Our EcoReps created a couple of simple tips to help reduce waste this holiday season.

  1. Buy produce and ingredients from local farmers and farmers markets to ensure fresh foods and to support the local community; or try to buy produce that is “locally grown” from your grocery store
  2. Plan the menu ahead of time and shop with a list; this helps eliminate double or extra ingredients that will end up wasted
  3. Use smaller plates or encourage smaller first round portions with the option for extra helpings
  4. Use vegetable trimmings to make broth for winter soups (and savor the smells on a day after Thanksgiving) or compost the peelings
  5. Be mindful of your plate waste during the holiday season and enjoy spending time with family and friends!