Bright minds go to Skillman Library to study, investigate, and collaborate. Now there are nearly 2,000 new LED bulbs lighting that learning. This past summer, Plant Operations removed 1,960 54-watt fluorescent lights in Skillman and replaced them with new 24-watt light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The calculated energy savings is approximately 81,000kWh,  roughly equivalent to the annual electricity usage of 22 homes. In addition to using about 75 percent of the energy of a typical incandescent bulb, LEDs generate less heat and last longer.

The LED retrofit at Skillman is part of the Office of Sustainability’s ongoing work with Plant Operations to incorporate more energy-efficient LED technology around campus.  Additional locations where LEDs were previously installed include Colton Chapel, Easton Hall, and Markle and Leopard parking decks.

“The efficiency and affordability of LED technology has improved in recent years, and so evaluating if LEDs are a good fit is a standard consideration in all renovation projects,” says Nick DeSalvo, the Office of Sustainability’s energy manager. “Lighting is just one component of the energy-conservation measures we take on campus.”