As Lafayette strives to reduce our waste and our greenhouse gas emissions, we’re expanding the materials accepted in this year’s move-in recycling program

Accepted Items:

  • Broken down cardboard boxes
  • White Hard Styrofoam Packaging used to ship electronics, furniture and fragile items (called EPS)
  • Clean Dry Plastic Bags  ( grocery store bags, dry cleaning bags, or zip-top bags)
  • Clean and Dry Styrofoam Packing Peanuts (New Update as of 8/18- We found a company that will also take packing peanuts!)

Not accepted items:

  • Pizza boxes
  • Styrofoam cups or plates
  • Colored Styrofoam


  • Please break down cardboard boxes
  • Please remove all tape or stickers form the white hard Styrofoam packaging

What happens to these materials?

  • Cardboard is picked up by our Recycler, placed into large bales, and then sold, so it can be turned into additional boxes
  • White Hard Styrofoam- During Green Move-In, the Sustainability Office will deliver this to the Insulation Corporation of America in Allentown. It’ll be broken down into smaller beads and then reused to make more white hard foam packaging
  • Clean Dry Plastic Bags – During Green Move-In, the Sustainability Office will deliver this to a grocery store recycling area. The grocery store will ship the plastic out, and it can be made into plastic decking materials

Sustainability_12x18infographic (00000002)