Gateway Career Center’s Alana Albus and Molly Sunderlin cosponsored a workshop with the Office of Sustainability on March 3rd highlighting the importance of articulating your sustainability stories to employers. Not only does framing experiences help in written documents and resumes, but it also allows students to practice dialogue for interviews.

What roles, summer jobs, class projects, and more stand out to employers? How can you effectively communicate your strengths and skills? Working through questions like these at “Selling your Sustainability Story” helped students define specific qualities about themselves. The workshop allowed students of every class year to reflect on experiences that showcase soft skills, accomplishments, and outcomes. They also taught ways to answer behavior-based interview questions utilizing the “STAR” method.

For more help in uncovering your own sustainability story, reach out to Gateway Career Center for upcoming workshops, events, and assistance from Gateway Ambassadors. You can also access CareerSpot, an online database of full-time job, research internship, and Federal Work Study postings.