Lafayette’s recycling efforts are broad, incorporating many different branches of the campus community including LEAP, SEES, Plant Operations, Dining Services and individual efforts by students, staff, and faculty. Currently, the college recycles glass containers, paper, food and beverage cans, cardboard, newspapers, used ink cartridges, plastics (numbers 1-7, excluding 6) and batteries. Dining Services uses compostable bags, to-go containers and cups and catering supplies. In the fall of 2014, Dining Services introduced reusable to-go containers at Gilbert’s Cafe.

recycle-headerWe are working hard to improve the rates of recycling on campus. In the Spring of 2014, students in LEAP and SEES teamed up with a class taught by Julia Nicodemus, assistant professor of Engineering Studies, along with Plant Operations to re-evaluate campus recycling practices. The aim is to develop a recognizable system across the campus and create a more consistent and comprehensive implementation of recycling efforts.

For more information about research initiatives, contact Julia Nicodemus or LEAP leadership.

If you have questions about recycling, please email or check out our common recycling answers!